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We outperformed everGreen's previous agency by 3.4x. See how we did it.
See how built their entire iOT software stack in less than 2 months.
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  • Full-Stack Web Development

  • iOS Development

  • Android Development

  • Backend Development

  • UI/UX Design

  • Interactive SEO

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  • NS


    CTO at everGreen

    "The previous agency we were working with said our MVP would take 6 months to build. Geeky built it from ground up within 7 weeks while eliminating huge amounts of technical debt and legacy code."

  • AN


    Co-Founder at

    "Considering my background in electrical engineering and firmware, I wasn't expecting to make sense of the software. Their code was so clear and easy to understand, I even understood the UI code."

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Technology we use

  • React

    We believe great web apps should be modular, interactive, and high performing. React helps us deliver apps that exceed standards of top tier tech companies with a clean and codebase and declarative UI.

  • Node.js

    Shortly after Node's release, we've been obsessed with it's incredible potential. Over the past decade, we've built awesome production apps that can scale to 10M+ users while keeping cost and maintenance low.

  • Swift

    We had exclusive access to Swift before it's public release in 2014. We've loved seeing it mature as a language and have been using it to deliver amazing iOS apps ever since!

  • MongoDB

    Since we primarily use Node.js server side, MongoDB is a superior choice for realtime databases. We've also extended upon Mongo in-house for super clean syntax and custom transactions that rival SQL.

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