Geeky Interactive + everGreen

It was critical for everGreen to streamline their development process when they approached Geeky. We outperformed their previous agency's team by 3.4X while increasing user engagement and scalability across their apps.

Streamlined tech stack with a 3.4x increase in development efficiency.

Everything from engaging web and mobile experiences to custom Node.js microservices was built by our team. everGreen saw a 3.4x increase in development efficiency. Our competency and speed helped free up their internal team to focus on other things.

The Tech

When we started working with everGreen, their existing codebase was scattered across multiple tech stacks and conventions. We helped them unify their technology and best practices into a modern stack that would support them for years to come.

  • React
  • Node.js
  • Docker
  • GraphQL
  • Swift
  • MongoDB

"The previous agency we were working with said our MVP would take 6 months to build. Geeky built it from ground up within 7 weeks while eliminating huge amounts of technical debt and legacy code."

- Naveen | CTO

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