Over the years, Geeky Interactive has strategically adopted technologies that make apps amazing. Here's the stack we use on most projects.

Technology we use

  • React

    We believe great web apps should be modular, interactive, and high performing. React helps us deliver apps that exceed standards of top tier tech companies with a clean and codebase and declarative UI.

  • Node.js

    Shortly after Node's release, we've been obsessed with it's incredible potential. Over the past decade, we've built awesome production apps that can scale to 10M+ users while keeping cost and maintenance low.

  • Swift

    We had exclusive access to Swift before it's public release in 2014. We've loved seeing it mature as a language and have been using it to deliver amazing iOS apps ever since!

  • MongoDB

    Since we primarily use Node.js server side, MongoDB is a superior choice for realtime databases. We've also extended upon Mongo in-house for super clean syntax and custom transactions that rival SQL.

  • Docker

    App containers and microservices using Docker have been growing in popularity, and for good reason. Docker and other DevOps tools help us scale up production servers or onboard new developers in minutes.

  • Kubernetes

    We use Kubernetes to automate, manage, and scale our microservices. It allows us to take full advantage of the machines running our microservices. Our clients consistently see 60% - 90% reduction in server cost with K8s.

  • GraphQL

    In specific cases, we prefer GraphQL over a standard REST API. We can ask the dynamic API for only the data we need, enabling amazing user experiences even in suboptimal network conditions clean data models, among other benefits.

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